Any car purchase that happens must take into account insurance costs. These costs can, at times, seem arbitrary; every insurance provider has their own system and process to determine what you're going to pay if you buy their policies. Luckily though, your actions before you apply for policies can positively affect your premiums by lowering them. How?

Finding "The One"

If you've always wanted to be married, it's encouraging to know that most insurance companies will reward your union will lower insurance premiums. Some research shows that single people have proven to be riskier customers. If you've been holding off on finding "the one", let your heart and your concern for your insurance coverage prompt you to be more serious about ultimately tying the knot.

Overpaying Your Bills

Your credit score is probably the single most important factor for many insurers when calculating fees. Even if you're paying bills, you might want to consider overpaying to bring down debts more quickly. Your overall score will rise and the premiums will almost always go down in price.


If you're stuck in a poor neighborhood with high crime statistics, chances are that most insurance algorithms will determine your car is riskier to insure. If you can manage to save enough, getting into a "better" neighborhood will not only rest your mind but lower insurance fees.

Getting out to suburbs and rural areas could help too. Populous cities often report far higher car break-ins and accidents than peaceful outlying areas. As a result, most vehicles left in city parking lots will cost more to insure.

Return to School

To make the money needed to move house, a different job could be needed. To secure that job, more education could be required. Luckily, higher education will not only get you into a better job and living arrangement, but it will also, in itself, lower costs. Many insurance providers will discount premiums as your level of formal education rises.

Bundle All Policies

Car insurance is but one policy you're likely to have in your life. Remembering different due dates and amounts is time-consuming and may feel irritating. To feel better, bundling policies from one company is often a viable option. Because you'd be using one company's different insurance products, they're likely to show their appreciation with discounts.

Your actions and finance-related decisions now could mean savings later. Talking with knowledgeable insurance agents about different ways to combat high insurance costs should also be of some assistance. Call to get a car insurance quote today.