Every business with an online presence, especially those with valuable data online, should protect themselves from cybercrime. One of the best ways to protect your business is to buy relevant and adequate insurance coverage. Here are some of the losses or damages associated with cybercrime or data breach that insurance coverage may help you with:

System Damage

Some forms of cybercrime may end up damaging your systems and necessitating costly remedial measures. For example, a cybercriminal may lock you out of your website, introduce a virus to your system, or disable your computers. In such cases, you need resources to reclaim the affected systems.

Reputational Harm

One of the worst things about a data breach is the damage it may do to your business' reputation. This is particularly true if your system holds sensitive customer information, such as health or financial records. The damage to your reputation may have long-term effects on your revenue if you don't manage it well. You will need an effective public relations campaign to mitigate the damage.


One of the fastest rising forms of cybercrime is where a hacker locks you out of your system or threatens to delete/infect your virtual date if you don't pay a ransom. Although some people are of the opinion that businesses shouldn't give in to such demands, it is your prerogative whether to pay up or suffer the consequences. However, it is nice to know that you have the money to pay the ransom in case it ever comes to that.


A thorough investigation is needed after every data breach. You need to know not only the identity of the perpetrators but also the weaknesses they exploited to gain entry to your system. Paying for the cost of the investigations is one of the functions of cyber and data breach liability coverage.

Third-Party Liability

The affected parties will not take the breach lying down; some of them may even have legal grounds for suing you for their damages. This is especially possible if it looks like the attack was a result of your data security negligence. If that is the case, you will need money for compensating the third parties or defending the lawsuits against you.

Business Interruption

Depending on the affected systems or data, you may have to suspend or slow down your business operations in the case of a data breach. For example, it may be impossible to continue working as usual if you have been locked out of your system. This means you will lose money until the issue is resolved.

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