If you are a blogger or own a business with a blog, then you are automatically exposed to liability claims that may arise from those who may feel aggrieved by your posts. However, you don't have to worry about all that if you have bloggers liability insurance, which may help you if you are involved in these situations.

1. You Are Sued For Libel

Libel is the act of printing or broadcasting (both audio and video counts) false information that may harm another person's reputation. It is not difficult to imagine how a blogger may find themselves accused of libel, especially bloggers who post gossip or interesting news items.

Taken an example where you hear that a local religious leader has been accused of sexual assault, and you fail to verify the news in your haste to get the news out first. The subject can sue you for libel if it turns out the information was false. In such a case, blogger liability insurance will take care of your dense and pay out the damages if you lose the case.

2. You Are Sued For Invasion of Privacy

An invasion of privacy accusation arises if you intrude into another person's personal space without their permission and in a manner that they find objectionable. This is one of the charges you may face, for example, if a celebrity finds you taking unsolicited pictures of their home. This is another case that blogger's liability insurance may help you with.

3. You Are Sued For Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is when you use another person's original work without their permission, in a manner that they don't want or without giving them credit. As a blogger, this is a fairly easy situation to get yourself into. For example, you may lift and reproduce pictures off the internet without their permission or copy-paste information from other blogs – both of these can attract copyright infringement accusations, which can be costly if you don't have the right coverage.

4. You Are Sued For Giving Bad Professional Advise

Lastly, bloggers liability insurance may also come to your rescue if you are accused of giving dangerous professional advice. This may be the case, for example, if you write a blog post giving health tips that end up injuring one of your readers.

Some of the grievances you may face as a result of your blog posts may be unfounded while others may be legitimate. However, you will have to defend all of them to prove your innocence and buying bloggers liability insurance is the best way to insulate yourself from the defense costs. For more information, contact your local commercial liability insurance company.